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Lucy Faherty (b.1997) is a sculptor and designer based in the United Kingdom with sculptures in private collections across the UK and internationally. A graduate in Design from Goldsmiths University, Lucy’s work is grounded in the idea of design as a tool for research, with each object a considered output in a wider investigation into themes including the Anthropocene, archaeology and excavation.

Exhibitions + Events

2022 Winter Sculpture Park, Gallery No.32

2021 Between Frames, Gallery No. 32, The Factory Project

2021 PHYLACTERY, Materiality and Magic with Elenchus Art, Gallery 46

2021 Winter Sculpture Park, Gallery No.32

2020 Tension, Gallery No. 32 (Solo show)

2019 Letters and Postcards from London Bridge: Above and Beneath, London Festival of Architecture

2019 The Milk Has Turned Against Us, Copeland Park

2019 Paving London, Terminalia Walking Festival


2016 - 2019 BA Design with 1st Class Honours, Goldsmiths University


2019 - 2020 Graduate Learning Facilitator, BA Design, Goldsmiths University, London

2018 Intern, Corpo Atelier, Faro